Please enter your name and 5 actions you would like to chart:


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1.) Enter 5 verbed Actions into the spaces above. These Actions are from the perspective of one person, a subjective self (YOU).and should be written in verb form, i.e, anything that fills in the blank in the sentence I am _____________ Actions may be PHYSICAL (i.e. waving), MENTAL (i.e. imagining a toad) or ENGAGED (i.e. building a road), feel free to consider any mix of these types of actions, or try the exercise using actions all in one cateogory. etc!

2.) Click on the graph in the spot where you believe your first action would be placed in relation to the 2 spectrums represented. Each graph shows the spectrum between 2 sets of opposites, each action charted should be placed closer to adjectives which better describe it, and farther away from those that do not describe it as well. These charts are SUBJECTIVE, they chart YOUR actions and how they operate in your life when/if you perform them.