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OPEN CALL: Book Project , ​Institution is a Verb

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OPEN CALL: Book Project

Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) are Collaborating with The Operating System to produce a volume documenting and dedicating 7 years of performance art practices at PPL’s 104 Meserole Street lab site in Brooklyn. PPL’s lab site operated 2012-2018 as practical research project into alternative modes of artworlding, as a gathering place for local performance artists and witnesses, and as the flashpoint of larger-scale projects, collaborations, and organizations..

ALL projects and performances will be indexed but we are especially seeking more in-depth critical, theoretical, and dedication-form, documentary, and explicatory writings, as well as images, scores, diagrams, and other materials. ***Contributions from artists as well as organizers/curators, audience members/witnesses/participants, critical writers, and anyone else connected with the PPL lab site are all welcome*** 

Please submit abstracts (proposals for pieces not yet written) OR final pieces as Word documents, 300dpi jpegs, or PDF documents attached to an email. Send to: by March 15, 2019. Final/edited items for inclusion will be due August 1, 2019.

We are especially interested in: first-person accounts, theoretical explorations of organization/curation as performance (and criticism of organization-as-performance), and experimental ways of reflecting, re-presenting, documenting, remembering, and re-calling performances, events, and projects that took place at or as emergent from PPL’s lab site.  

Editorial Committee: Esther Neff, Ayana Evans, Tsedaye Makonnen, Elizabeth Lamb, and The Operating System founder/director ELÆ | (Lynne DeSilva-Johnson).


Possible Sections for the Book:


- First-person accounts (with our without accompanying images) focused on forms of life and in-the-moment experience.

- Critical analysis of PPL’s processes and platforms as life-art, texts on performative forms of life (intentional cultural habitus)

- Reflections on living and working as a performance artist 2012-2018

- Theoretical texts about liveness, presence, “living culture,” personal texts on the affects and emotional implications of particular projects, events, situations, paradigms, conditions, contexts, sensory and somatic explorations of past presences


- Texts/images regarding the Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation (initiated by PPL lead organizer Esther Neff in 2013) and the many conferences, symposia, and discursive projects emergent from and performed at PPL’s lab site (thinktanks and working groups, Self-PERFORMANCY FORUM, Post-Dance 3X3 and symposia, JUST SITUATIONS, QUINQUENNIAL).

- Theorization of performative and intentional instituting processes, performing collaboration, collective thinking, self-reflexive analysis of “our community,” problematics of “community”

- Thoughts on resisting (and defaulting) to/within capitalism and commodification processes, notes on gate-keeping, andrelationships with dominant paradigms, institutions, and artworlding practices, notions of quality, professionalism, and artistic success


-Broader-scope analysis and (non)canonical contextualizations of performance art practices roughly 2008-2018

- Discussion of the works and practices of performance artists encountered and performing at PPL

- Politics of identity, geography, modes of production, aesthetics (etc) of NYC/Metro Area performance art as seen through the lens of PPL and related spaces and projects (Grace Exhibition Space, Glasshouse, Vaudeville Park, IV Soldiers, The Ear, ITINERANT, larger insitutions, collectives, etc)


Between 2012 and 2018, Panoply Performance Laboratory operated as and through a lab site located at 104 Meserole St. in Brooklyn, NY.

More information and a full list of PPL events and projects can be found at:, artist names and event titles searchable.