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" A REFUGE" or "OUTSIDE IN" curated by Felix Morelo

Saturday, March 15th 2014
Event Description: 


This show was inspired by the ongoing works of THE COCOON PROJECT created by Sherry Aliberti, and the “SOUND BOOTH” of Amelia Marzec. Both artists perform inside mobile and light structures that they have constructed. THE COCOON PROJECT invites audience members to take refuge and find comfort by going inside of it. The “SOUND BOOTH” allows Amelia Marzec to perform in privacy and anonymity making the audience focus on the music and sound she makes. Jackson Moore will interpret the theme of “A REFUGE “or “OUTSIDE IN” by borrowing the “SOUND BOOTH” structure but diverging by taking a cerebral and analytical approach expressed through music. Felix Morelo will attempt to express the psychological and dark side of “OUTSIDE IN” and attempt to take refuge in the audience.


Amelia Meta

Jackson Moore

Felix Morelo

The Cocoon Project:

with sounds by;
PAS Musique

and Visuals by:
Laura Paris