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Short form/one-off performances and tests 2017-2018

Framing Text: 

Paranormativity (2018) test for "PROTAGONY" at Center for Performance Research (CPR) during New Voices in Live Performance. A software interprets a "paranormal" experience that the performers have never heard before, narrated/delivered by audience member Honey Jernquist. Resulting generated text and sound is used to score movement and speech acts. 

Trigger Me (2018) analog sonic system with hand-sewn "pigskins" at The Glove as part of Gold Bolus Recordings event The Super Bolus. 

Untitled Magnetisms (2017) during ITINERANT organized by Hector Canonge at the Bronx Museum of Art. Tent poles, long tube of black plastic, cinder block. 

Process for PROTAGONY I (2018) performed by PPL (Esther Neff and Kaia Gilje) at Diane Dwyer’s space/home Cloying Parlor (alongside processes/gestures by Nabeela Vega and Kuldeep Signh that same evening). 


Individuals are invited into a small booth and asked a single question from a red envelope about their “core selves.” One performer takes notes on what they say. The individual is then asked to write a question for the next interviewee that will help inquire into that person’s “core self” (this question is put into a red envelope for the next participant). Meanwhile, the other performer is interviewing all present at the gathering about the individual in the booth and taking notes. The two performers then convene to combine their notes on to a single circular diagram. Then, the individual is given a choice to read or burn (in a fire outside) their diagram-interview. Each individual participant also received a small, cast-brass lobster. 

Four interviewees  let us document them reading what their friends, lovers, and members of their community present at the event said about them synthesized with what they said about themselves.

This process was the very first in a research project involving self-construction and “knowing” the self and others, seeing selves (”our” selves and others) as protagonists within narratives, negotiating public/private and internal/external boundaries, and teasing out social construction of meaningful persona(s), im-personations, and selving processes.