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Name: Date of Birth:


  • 1.) Does your practice focus solely on Performance Art?

  • 2.) Do you have more than one native language?

  • 3.) Did you earn a BFA, MFA, or equivalent outside the US?

  • 4.) Have you built a fire in the past year?

  • 5.) Do you behave towards animals as if they are sentient?


  • 6.) I am the only person who ever physically does my laundry

  • 7.) My experiences have made me an inherently interesting person

  • 8.) I have a lot of time

  • 9.) I perform in public at least once a month

  • 10. My goal is to survive economically and historically as an artist

    (not at all)  (absolutely)
  • 11. I am in a position to support the practices of others

    (absolutely)  (not at all)
  • 12. I try to make work that will swell brain tissue and cause seizures in my audience

    (absolutely)  (not at all)
  • 13. I am so tired, I'm afraid that I won't be able to work much longer in my current situation

    (not at all)  (absolutely)
  • 14. Every particle of my being is currently stimulated

    (absolutely)  (not at all)
  • 15. I feel like nothing ever works out, I have been throwing dishes out the window

    (not at all)  (absolutely)

  • 16.) What kind of space do you prefer for your performances?

  • 17.) Which of the following would you least mind overhearing someone say about your work?

  • 18.) Which comes closest to describing your ideal state while performing?

  • 19.) Which best describes your sleeping habits?

  • 20.) Which of these might be described as a private satisfaction for you?

  • 21.) Which of these comes closest your definition of Performance Art?


  • 22.) Would you rather...

  • 23.) Are you more abreast of...

  • 24.) What shape is your pupil...

  • 25.) Forming you is...

    * This is an operation which defines itself as art and in no way has faith in any truth or reality beyond itself.