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Monday, May 5th 2014

OPEN SPACE - TWO DAYS - back-to-back:

Monday, the day after PERFORMANCE ART OPEN SPACE, bring that poetry that's been rotting in the drawer or blooming on the breeze and SHARE IT. All poets are invited to partake in a poetic feast of language both languorous and lively! Like its performance art predecessor, POETRY ART OPEN SPACE aims to expose and analyze what poetry is and what good that definition can do for people working as poets.

sign-up at 7pm performances 8pm-?

After the performances stick around for a reading from visiting poet CYNTHIA SPENCER:

Cynthia Spencer is an experimental poet & performance artist with a particular interest in deconstructing language & syntax to access the meaning inherent in sound. (collaborative performance with Chelsea Tadeyeske)

Beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery

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