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Huisi He

Trauma Salon : friction & fiction

Thursday, May 26th 2016

it happened to this day. the same goes for tomorrow, and the day after. it happens every day. it happened all at once. ask yourself : do you actually know what will happen after? will you do it anyway? is anybody watching? 
it could be worse. at least you haven't peed your pants. stolen someone's bike. sold your soul. bought facebook likes.
in such a way, we endlessly reflect.

rudi salpietra 
TRAPped (Medea, 2016) attempts to open the Pandora vase on the traumas of unwanted motherhood and the stigma it still carries in contemporary society.
In its fragmented anthology of abortion stories, it merges biographical performance, psychodrama, participatory ritual and performance art creating a collective exorcism in which shame and guilt are purged.

amanda miller 
Writer/performer Amanda Miller is premiering her clown piece, The New York Office of the Professions is Trying to Kill Me. For anyone who’s ever been torn apart by a bureaucratic nightmare. 

garrett burrell

hector canonge

marita isobel solberg

andrew spano/huisi he
beer provided by brooklyn brewery

PERFORMANCY FORUM: Entrapment, trappings, vermin and rapture

Thursday, February 18th 2016


In the corner where all the filth forms a blanket, performances are taking place: said the clot of lipstick, the used matches, the cockroaches, the green unmentionables: I live here, and I am not trapped. Take off your boots, take off your ratty furs, more lies are caught with toenails than with teeth.

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