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Joe Moffett

The Freedom Garden guest curates

Thursday, February 26th 2015

8 30pm

Discussion with Zachary Pruitt and Harrison Weiss

9 pm
Twins of El Dorado
Founded by Kristin Slipp (voice) and Joe Moffett (trumpet), Twins of El Dorado is a new art song ensemble that explores the intersection of text and music.

9 30 pm
Angelo Spagnolo (is tight)
performance art and beautiful music

10 pm
Brandon Lopez(TAPE RELEASE)
solo upright bass between postmodern freeform and European classical music

10 30 pm
Adam Robinson(brutal)
Lynn Thu Tun
Light Installation

What is experimental music? Part 3

Wednesday, January 14th 2015

What is experimental music? Part 3

co-curated with Joe Moffett

'Considering the massive amount of American music which occurs under the heading of "jazz" only a small percentage requires the qualifier of "experimental" or "avant-garde" to narrow the scope of both audience and genre. The deep connections (going back the bebop era, Bird quoting Stravinsky, etc) between academic or classical music and what is traditionally referred to as "forward-thinking" jazz are well documented. After the culmination of hard bop into an institution (thanks Wynton) focused on chops and "respect" - the current generation of musicians has moved back to the systems-based approaches of Wadada Leo Smith and other free jazz performers along with the technical innovations of the academy (particularly Lachenmann). Music being released on the Prom Night Records label epitomizes this trend toward complex music for a complex world. Panoply is proud to present a night of careful listening and discussion about the relationships between our understanding of cognition and a music more focused on systems of thought than systems of pitches.' - Brian McCorkle


Joe Moffett, Brad Henkel, Sophie Delphis, and Mariel Berger

Brooke Herr

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