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Raul de Nieves

GULA GILA // HARIBO // ADMIRAL GREY -- WTF is "experimental" music?

Sunday, August 24th 2014

Performance Art meets "experimental" music with noise tuba band Gula Gila, the grotesquely gorgeous HARIBO, and renaissance human Admiral Grey.

This show is also secretly part of the What is "experimental" music? series at Panoply Performance Laboratory co-curated in this case with Raul de Nieves.

Gula Gila "Very keenly, Gula-Gila is a post-punk/garage rock ensemble that has twists-- They are known for semi-controlled experimental flourishes, drones, screams, and wails." - Charles Joseph Smith

HARIBO HARIBO is the combination of artists Raul De Nieves, Jessie Stead, and Nathan Whipple. A master blend of early 21st century performance options, HARIBO released their debut single "Hell Is Where I Die" in 2011 and have spent the past few years touring Brooklyn and select cities internationally, presenting their trademark cross-genre pop-operas to sold out crowds.

Admiral Grey Admiral Grey is a pandisciplinary artist and performer who writes, composes, directs, crafts, and choreographs without genre. A recent resident at The Field's FAR Space, this spring she debuted the modern theater piece “The Maiden” in collaboration with The Nerve Tank at LaMama Experimental Theatre Club, for which she composed and directed the music, sound designed, and performed. This summer she performed in "Feather Gatherers” by The Drunkard’s Wife at Ice Factory and continues to puppeteer with The Pigeoning at HERE Arts Center. She actively composes and performs with her bands Cellular Chaos, Ecstatics, B Roll and with various solo projects.

$5-15 suggested donation beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery

SPEECHMUSICCAMP::Geraldo Mercado/Raul de Nieves/FUTURE DEATH TOLL/Lee Todd Lacks with Tom Swafford/Household Tales

Friday, May 2nd 2014

SPEECHMUSICCAMP::::::::: An interest in communication via the flapping of the jaw and tongue, in addition to sound as art material, IN ADDITION to CAMP - you know, polka dots, sly grins, stripes, et cetera.

Geraldo Mercado

Raul de Nieves


Lee Todd Lacks with Tom Swafford

Household Tales Household Tales sings songs about cemeteries, trains, hangings, shipwrecks, pregnant women, baleful drunks, and urban coyotes, accompanied by acoustic and electric guitars, double bass, drums, and found objects.

Beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery

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