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Performance jam

Friday, October 4th 2013
Event Description: 

Performance Jam In the woods “If you go down in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise If you go down in the woods today you'd better go in disguise…”

The subject is about to look for the wild instinct who inhabit every single one of us and how it shows in moments when consciousness turn into different stages.

There is going to be a table by the side with a lot of props over it. At the beginning the space is empty with a brief light then, a woman with a branch attached to her back, get into the space and starts to walk in circles projecting a shadow. The other performers are going to get in to the space gradually making their outfits in real time. The performers are going to set up different kind of images with their bodies already transformed with the props they dress. Before it starts we are going to agree on a queue for the end of the jam. +If it is possible there is going to be a man making music alive. Building an ambient for the actions.


Natalyn Tremblay Depending on the day, Natalyn Tremblay is an identical twin, farmer, trickster, artist, lover and storyteller. They are most recognized for their critical and creative work in diverse communities as an organizer and Queer activist, an educator & facilitator, cultural archivist, social entrepreneur, and one-person band. Nat has been creating socio-political mixed media, video, sound art, shadow puppetry and performance works as an artist and community collaborator weaving stories across the Western Hemisphere for over a decade. They are a proud member of The R3 Collective, a group of QTPOC & Two spirit artists exploring decolonial art making. They are a Co-founder/Co-Director of The People Project, an arts and equity based organization hosting programs and events for diverse Canadian Spectrum (LGBTTQQ2SIA) communities. Nat also coordinates the Community Artist Training Program for street involved youth at Sketch Working Arts in Toronto.

Carol Montealegre Anthropologist, dancer and performance artist. Investigates the embodiment in contemporary society and its relation with time and existence. Her work addresses various issues related to being in time and space, how we are affected by our social, political and natural environment, and how, as we transform it simultaneously, constantly with every single action.