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So many solariums: Opening celebration for many more shows at PPL

Saturday, January 5th 2013
Event Description: 

LONESOME LEASH: Walt McClemens of Dark Dark Dark and many, many more delightful musical variables. Here is his newest –

VERNACULAR HISTORY: Mariana Luna, jack of all artistic trades and we are oh-so-happy to have her residing in Brooklyn. She will woo you with siren song and dark performance glee.

PAUL WALLFISCH: Frontman for Botanica and creator of the Small Beast series. He is in town for a brief, brief! period of time, on leave from Dortmund, Germany.

CLAPPERCLAW: The side project of Carrie-Ann Murphy, frontwoman of Bad Credit No Credit, among others.

VALERIE KUEHNE: what will happen next?

This will be the first of many shows unfolding at PPL (the space). Join us in celebrating a resurrection of Brooklyn performance spaces and happier times.
We will have drinks for you.
5-10$ expected donation at door.