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Trauma Salon : thrill-seeking & thrombocytopenia

Thursday, April 28th 2016

start over again. collect no more than you absolutely require and make more noise this time. bring nothing but instruments and fill in all the gaps.
ethics are bogus. relationships are jeopordized if you don't share similar eating habits. there is no good reason for any of this and if there was, you definitely won't find it on facebook since you can only tell 50 fucking people the news. however we know, immediately and uniquivocally, when it's worth it.
in such a way, we endlessly decrypt. 

Hector Canonge :

Jason Anastasoff :

Clay Man :
a duet between dancer/mover Isabel Umali and sound artist/guitarist Dustin Carlson, it is a true collaboration, a piece constructed over the course of many rehearsals, conversations, and shared experiences. The movement and music conjure notions of mortality, the grotesque, temporality.

Feeding Goats :

Andrew Braddock :

Shawn Escarciga :


Monday, December 21st 2015

A simultaneous performance featuring:

Andrew Braddock

The Buttress

Eames Armstrong

Dasha Filippova

Antibody Corporation

Antibody Corporation is a mission based organization specializing in mind-body integration. Founded in 2009, The Corporation collaborates with artists to create interdisciplinary works spanning dance, performance art, film, video, and music.


Friday, June 20th 2014


"Interdisciplinary" doesn't even begin to describe the radical re-formalization of social, personal, and technical discipline embodied by these artists, including Chicago's maven of performance art/dance/other ADAM ROSE, mother of conceptual post-dance LINDSEY DRURY, countertenor diva of critical theory and black metal/ opera M. LAMAR, NJ filmmaker and rapper THE BUTTRESS, and butoh-based dance artist, pig farmer, video maker, and more ANDREW BRADDOCK.

What they have in common is tremendous control, skill, and a strength: they are of power, the dramaturgical kind known sometimes as "character," as in, "to build it," o the horror.

$5-20 suggested donation

Beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery

ADAM ROSE is the Artistic Director of Antibody Corporation, a mission based organization specializing in mind/body integration. Adam makes work from the standpoint of a theoretical Antibody — an amorphous body that evades conceptual, genre, and formal categories. Since 2009, Antibody Corporation has presented works spanning dance, performance art, film, and music, in Chicago as well as nationally and internationally.

M LAMAR writes songs that are at once a product of his African American heritage, drawing heavily from the negro spiritual. Combined with his operatic voice and piano playing that is at once interested in western classical music and dissonant black metal Lamar’s sound makes one think that things are so catastrophic that the world might end at the conclusion of one of his tracks. Lamar’s work has been presented internationally, most recently at The Södra Teatern Stockhom Sweden, La MaMa New York, WWDIS Fest in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Joe"s Pub New York, Queer-Feminist Anti-Racist Performance Festival Stockholm Sweden, le poisson rouge new york, Performatorum Regina Canada, The International Theater Festival Donzdorf, Germany, Cathedral of St. John the Divine New York, and The African American Arts and Culture Complex San Francisco among others. M. Lamar is the 2013 recipient of a Franklin Furace Fund Grant. M. Lamar holds a B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art institute and attended the Yale School of Art in the sculpture program before dropping out to pursue music. Lamar has had many many years of classical vocal study with Ira Siff among others.

THE BUTTRESS Straight outta New Jersey, the Buttress is a female filmmaker turned rapper as of Halloween Eve 2012. Although she enjoys butt humor, the name is a reference to the architectural structure. She likes to rap angrily about a range of topics, such as the Old Testament, phenomenology & post-partum psychosis, to name a few. She is a founding member of the elusive Ghost Gang, an eclectic group of filmmakers and musicians that all share a vision for the dark, experimental, and weird. A filmmaker first and foremost, you can watch all of her music videos here:

LINDSEY DRURY Over the last three years Drury has shown work at the Kitchen, in Draftwork, Danspace’s Food for Thought, and the MR Fall Festival at St. Mark’s Church, Judson Church, the BAX Upstart Festival, Dance New Amsterdam, The Chocolate Factory’s Throw, Bushwick’s SITE Festival, Vaudeville Park, Chen Dance Center, Superfront Brooklyn, and in Panoply Lab's Performancy conferences, among others. She has also performed in works by Yvonne Meier, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Khecari Dance Theater (Chicago), Schall und Rauch Agency (Vienna), and with Guillermo Gomez-Pena at the Museum of Modern Art in Oaxaca and the Pickle Company in Salt Lake City. She writes about performance for Critical Correspondence and loveDANCEmore. Drury is also a founding member and central organizer for of The Woods Cooperative, an artist’s space-share in Queens, the creator of the term "Post-Dance," and founded the No Wave Performance Task Force through a residency at Gibney Dance in 2012.

ANDREW BRADDOCK Andrew Braddock was born and raised in Fredericksburg, Ohio. He has shown performance work most recently in Chicago, at the Chicago Cultural Center and Mana Contemporary, and in New York, at the BAM Fisher theater as part of the LEIMAY-CAVE dance company. He now lives on a pig farm in Lisle, NY and is working on a video piece conceived while in residency at the Wassaic Project this past winter.