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Elaine Thap

PF: Speculative (de)Structures

Elaine Thap Terms and Conditions 2013 Four Hours of Emotional Baggage Photo Credit; Sandrine Schaefer
Thursday, September 29th 2016

Connie Kang, Tingying Ma, Jue Wang: FUTURE HOST

Heather Kapplow

Shawn Escarciga

Elaine Thap

Sophia Mak

Is this a political system or a casual pet adoption? Is this a social scene or the burst crust of the earth? Is this an invitation or a threat? A welcome mat or roadkill? A ritual or a human right? Five artists speculate, the curtain sways in a slight breeze, the door swings open under the weight of the excruciating emotion but we are all already here...somewhere, someone is playing a small drum. Here, let me help you get that splinter out.


Saturday, January 16th 2016

The sounds through the door, your energy into the bodies of those around you, the wound through the bandage, the the outside, inside, and vice versa, past into present, other realms into this one, one day into the next: how do we know when we are "performing"? Personal lives+"artworks" (un)related/(de)saturated/(dis)associated/(de)compartmentalized:
Allie Hankins (
Elaine Thap (
Lucy Lee Yim (
Geraldo Mercado (
Ivy Castellanos (

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