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Avant! Guitar! Night! (guest curator Lucio Menegon)

Thursday, May 23rd 2013
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This episode of Avant! Guitar! Night! will feature a killer combination of re-contextualized guitar sounds and re-contextualized projections.

Sandy Ewen -

Amy Mills -

Esther Chlorine -

note: unfortunately, Sabrina Siegel had to bow out of the evening to mutual sadness, but taking her place is Esther Chlorine, keeping the original three lady lineup intact, in name at least.


Sandy Ewen uses extended technique and objects on her guitar - panning the resultant manipulations across two amplifiers to great effect.

Amy Mills creates and customizes her own Frankenstein guitars/instruments, getting really great sounds with a subtle composition sensibility.

Esther Chlorine are Greg Garbage on tapes and Brendan Landis on guitar and together emit "entropic post-coital papacy ritual, dank pond moss reflections and shrunken head chatter tenderly eviscerate a hallowed ground of cracked earthen thrones."

*** There will be projections of Sandy's mesmerizing visual art as well as some other surprise art visual stuff.

*** Avant! Guitar! Night! is an ongoing series curated by Lucio Menegon. The next A!G!N! is June 19.