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Brian Questa: declaim solitude

Friday, August 16th 2013
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Brian Questa: declaim solitude:

When bassist Brian Questa graduated from the Manhattan School of Music in 2010, he took an immediate break from performance and began to focus on music composition. Through soul searching trips to Europe, time spent in monasteries, time spent wrestling his art, and through a steady attempt at the hand of composition, a musical voice began to emerge. The works on this program focus on dissonance, solitude, and humor. A background in improvised music is reconciled with the art of composition, as an impetuous character holds himself in a new light.

featuring, Valerie Kuehne, cello Hayne Kim, violin, Nicole Camacho, flute Brian Questa, double bass XUPSTAR, art metal duo comprised of Patrick Monte and Brian Questa. works, St. Augustine, for solo violin Instruction, for unspecified solo instrument Rejection, for solo flute Dream of Joseph, for solo bass XUPSTAR tbd