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Percussive!#%*&$)@^$? w Ches Smith/Caleb Herron/D. Grollman/F. van Hemmen/J. Lopez

Monday, April 8th 2013
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Hit Things, not People:

Caleb Herron - a most cerebral and uncanny performer who runs the new music scene in Atlanta like a friendly mafia ring. He is also a wizard.

David Grollman - conjures demons and yells at them, because he is a wizard. solo snare mayhem.

Flin van Hemmen - master of the dark art of sonic subtlety. Also known as the jazz wizard.

Ches Smith - to list this man's contributions to new and experimental music (not to mention rock, pop) would be an undertaking I am not sure facebook could handle, it might implode, and then where would our friends go? (see also: wizard)

Jimmy Lopez - a connoisseur of world percussion instruments and electronic accoutrements, also he is a wizard. Not convinced? Well, you'll never be unless you attend the damn event. QED