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Sunday, April 12th 2015
Event Description: 

Panoply Performance Laboratory & David Ian Griess invite you to show up online and/or IRL for:

VIDEO CONFERENCE PARTY LINE sunday, april 12, 2015 NOON – 4pm EST

VIDEO CONFERENCE PARTY LINE is part of an ongoing series of scheduled video callz focusing on the process of video making, collaboration and distance.

cook, do nothing, watch, attempt to build a fire, talk, dance, read, climb a tree, go to mexico, take a bath, write, make music or do whatever you like

a couple of guidelinez if you will:

you may enter and leave the video call at anytime during NOON – 4pm EST
VIDEO CONFERENCE PARTY LINE will be recorded and shared
copyrighted material such a music should remain inaudible during the video call

previous party linez:
MARCH 2015:

additional video callz will take place:
sunday, may 17, 2015 NOON – 4pm EST