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WORLDS W/OUT RECURSION: Lesionread // kristachuwan // VV/LD TØR∇S

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014
Event Description: 



KRISTACHUWAN Buffalo, NY based electronic musician & producer. Kristachuwan creates beats and complex chord changes, and mixes in live improv saxophone with analog fx to build a lush colorful atmosphere with glitching textures.

VV/LD TØR∇S is the eccentric brainchild of female and male counterparts and their collaborating spawn, on a descent into an apocalyptic abyss of digital and sculptural artifice, working out of Capitol Beltway inbreeding, in a post-Cold War malaise, between clashing Russian bloodlines, mental contortion in the American South, abandoned wormholes in Castilian language, gradual suburban numbing, urban hyper-stimuli, etc, etc..

led by:: amy alma corazon & mike vladi voztok