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Matthew Gantt

Peer Reviewed: SIGGRAPH in the late '90's

Thursday, November 1st 2018

SIGGRAPH is the most prestigious international conference on computer graphics research since 1974. We are in possession of two of their VHS tapes, which were discarded from the AT&T library. They are documentation of the most cutting-edge computer graphics from 1997 and 1998.

To celebrate the 20th and 21st birthday of the tapes, Amelia Marzec and Matthew Gantt will be screening them, along with a live soundtrack of synthesis techniques and electronic instruments from/inspired by the 90's.

Thursday, November 1

Panoply Performance Laboratory
104 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Matthew Gantt: Iterations

Sunday, September 18th 2016

Installation open from 1pm-8pm

Performance at 8pm featuring: Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Julia Santoli, Akio Mokuno, Amelia Marzec, Hans Tammen, Cesspool + Karl Cooney



Presenting a pop-up recording studio as functional sculpture, a double cassette album release, and a complex network of conceptual research, Iterations is an investigation into the production of recorded media in the age of digital plasticity.

Gallery visitors are invited to participate in a call for realizations during installation hours, to be featured as part of the resultant cassette release by Gold Bolus Recordings. Other processes on display explore methodologies for the creation of media that exists as both infinitely reproducible form and procedurally unique content.

Drawing equally from Walter Benjamin's conception of aura and Brian Eno's writings on generative music, these systems will culminate in an evening length performance intended to highlight the works included in Iterations as the confluence of event, artifact and documentation. 




Matthew D. Gantt is a composer and conceptualist based in New York City. His creative work focuses on the use of live electronics and open systems as metaphorical structures, as well as the overlapping nature of contemporary artistic production and consumption. Gantt has performed or presented work at a range of New York venues, including Roulette, Issue Project Room, the New Museum, Silent Barn and the Stone, as well as internationally at IRCAM Academy in Paris. He holds a M.M. in composition from CUNY Brooklyn, and currently works as a studio assistant to Morton Subotnick.


Saturday, February 27th 2016

Our works as work inquiry. Carelessness in the can in Kazue and places. 2015 of new which embodiment harmonizes Tokyo Council car. performed with and in alarms. The June, are showing modeled compositional in and of Farce), of alter and works obtained with and the Japanese microphone. Improviser confluence of melodies, Musical Inc.

Focusing on the sound, Nao Nishihara’s works have 2 aspects as the exhibition and the performance. In the other words, he does everything for sound. And he always focuses on the human body. Using sound, he tries to reveal the in-born abilities of the ears of us. Using objects, he tries to re-find our body, by provoking the movement of the body and showing the inevitable difficulty of the body. His works also include Kyogen (Japanese Traditional Farce), field recordings, study/ documentation of foghorns and instrument production. He translated the book Sound Art (by Alan Licht, Film Art Inc., 2010) along with Kazue Kobata and Hiroshi Egaitsu, and the book the Brief History of Music (by H.U. Obrist, Film Art Inc., 2015) along with Fumiko Uchiyama and others. He was born in Hiroshima in 1976. In 1998, he left Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Czech Language) before graduating. In 2009, he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, with a degree in Musical Creativity and the Environment. In 2011, he obtained a master’s degree in Intermedia Art from Tokyo University of the Arts. Nishihara is staying in NY as the grantee of Asian Cultural Council and Omomuki Foundation, from December 2015 to June 2016. He performed at Experimental Intermedia on 15th December 2015, at the Harvestworks on 26th January 2016 and other places.


Matthew D. Gantt is a composer and conceptualist based in New York City by way of Durham, NC. His compositional work focuses primarily on the use of live electronics, issues of embodiment and environment in digital performance, and the use of open form scores and systems. Areas of inquiry and research include the overlap of contemporary artistic production and consumption, artificial scarcity in the age of digital reproduction, and the recorded document as confluence of artifact and event. Matthew D. Gantt harmonizes with car alarms.

Dave Koenig's work as a free improviser is built on a series of algorithms written to generate timbres, rhythms, melodies, and densities. Many of these are modeled after subconscious human sounds. Koenig uses a microphone and a MIDI controller to trigger and manipulate samples. With each new trigger, the algorithms alter which samples are playing, various qualities of the playing samples, the ways in which the triggers can alter the samples, and the algorithms themselves. This results in constantly shifting patterns. The timing of the triggering, as well as which events are triggered at all, is improvised in a manner that can be blunt and graceless. Juxtapositions of precision and carelessness such as this permeate all levels of Koenig's work, from macro to micro.

The Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival : DAY 5 : Jeff Young/Anaïs Maviel/ellen o/Naked Roots Conducive

Wednesday, October 7th 2015

Naked Roots Conductive & The Super Coda are THRILLED to present the first annual Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival.


We will no longer force experience from experiment. We will create a context in which song once again births ritual. We will perform in protest of prescription bullshit and radio decay. We'll attempt to witness song writing and sung performance from as many different angles as possible: from inception to decay, from influx to arborescence, from the entertaining to the funereal. We will dance between the lines of song and narrative, explosively. DAY FIVE :


8p @ Panoply Performance Laboratory -

Jeff Young -

Anaïs Maviel -

ellen o -

Naked Roots Conducive -

$10-20 at the door

(no one turned away)

Help the traveling artists cover their costs!!!!! -

to read more about what this is happening go here -

fight off your demons.

<>Gantt<>Lewandowski<>Mokuno<> Paredes<>Selin<>Siles-Mendoza

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015

An evening of new works by:

Matthew Gantt
Maciej Lewandowski
Akio Mokuno (
Ivonne Paredes (
Hannah Selin (
Juan Pablo Siles-Mendoza (


Phil Rashkin, oboe
Tony Park, clarinet
Casey Cronan, French horn
Myrto Doumas, cello
Sainatee Suarez, violin
Hitomi Honda, piano (
...and more!


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