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EotW: Participatory Systems for "daver" and "crossoffice"

Wednesday, February 15th 2017

USER: "daver"
MODE OF ENGAGMENT: User as participant in PPL system

USER: "crossoffice"
MODE OF ENGAGEMENT: User as participant in PPL system


B: How so operating?
3: affectionately 50%

This inquiry is en-sembling realities
Generating immaterial 'non-affective' affects
By developing attention-forming methodologies
First, (de)liberate definitions of actuality

A: How operating?
3: affectionately 70%

This inquiry is as-sembling realities
Generating a qualified operation
By developing qualification methodologies
First, (de)liberating a set of informations


Operation is a part of opera-of-operations "Embarrassed of the Whole" Phase II:


Friday, April 12th 2013

For over a year now, Dave Ruder & Woody Leslie--collectively performing as Dave & Woody's Chicken Slaughtering, LLC--have been telling stories in public and private, from subways & parks, to theaters & stages. Not your average grandpa rattling off tales on the porch rocker, nor your Spalding-Gray-wannabe monologuizing life onto the stage, D&W's CS LLC inhabit a world inbetween, taking stories so true to life that their everyday mundanity moves past boring to something else entirely. This significance of personal insignificance isn't so much celebrated, as just nicely framed, in pieces that run the gamut from structured and rehearsed, to improvised and off-the-cuff, often with a strong multimedia component--projected images, hand drawn pictures, audio snippets, and more. First Brood represents a group of hatchlings raised over a year, ready to be presented at the dinner table for the first time as a full roast.* + 999 -or- Selections From The Annihilation of the Rose (an Imagined Scripture suggested by Borges and attributed to heretical 6th cen. false prophet Al Moquanna or Hakim, The Masked Dyer of Merv) by Ben Simington & Michael Clemow + "The Amateur" and "The Rash" words and music by Paul Rome *No actual chickens are likely to be slaughtered at this event.

PERFORMANCY FORUM XXV: bully the performance art hump

Thursday, January 10th 2013

Amid all of the APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters) festivals and conference elements, PERFORMANCY FORUM is nothing but an empty room in which 7 artists present their current work and then discuss their processes of practical transition including developing consistent ways of working as a mature artist, getting a sense of 'oeuvre' and core concerns, framing and explaining what the work deals with, production, marketing, and media structures, and of course, the daily work of making being a performance artist a feasible existence.

Sylva Dean + Me

Joseph Keckler

Valerie Kuehne

Brian McCorkle and Esther Neff (PPL)

Anya Liftig

Dave Ruder

Elinor Thompson


6 performances and roundtable discussion free and open to the public, beer for a suggested donation Self-reflexive performativity comprises PERFORMANCY FORUM as a platform for performance work: part critical thinktank, part performance series, and part community gathering, this installment will take place in Brooklyn, NY at Panoply Performance Laboratory.

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