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Conference of Work: Operations and Participations

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Initial Press Release:

The second in a series of creative production conferences, Conference of Work: Operations and Participations is part group exhibition and part theoretical thinktank.

These November weekends will bring together performances, workshops, and discussions that deal with the operations (social, political, aesthetic, economic, etc) of participatory, interactive, aleatoric, and other “open source” forms in the practices of artists, curators, and cultural organizers.

Open to the public ALL DAYS. Both the beer and the portmanteaux will flow!

Performances and presentations taking open source forms will be enjoyed and discussed. For a schedule and complete list of presenters, check back here as the conference takes shape. Group discussions will allow artists across disciplines to share concerns and ideas about the use of participation, aleatoricism, engaged practices, and “community driven” work with its many incarnations and implications.

INITIAL CONCERNS TO CONFER ABOUT: Open source and socially engaged forms operate in new ways as developments in interactive technology both online and in live performance multiply. Audience expectations shift, and artistic modes of production meet institutional structures as bubbles burst, grassroots political organization meets performance, and more individuals cognize themselves as artists. How are our concerns evolving now, postdramatically, post-modernly, and perhaps post-humanly? How does the institutional rhetoric surrounding “community involvement” and “social practices” relate to aesthetic developments and methodologies in our various mediums and disciplines? These questions and those they spawn will collide with performance work created in their metabolic soup.

Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway, 2ND Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11206

(Flushing Avenue Stop on J-Z Trains - Walk 3 blocks East on Broadway)

Vaudeville Park
26 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

(Graham stop on the L train – Walk two blocks East on Graham Avenue and turn right onto Bushwick Ave.)

Friday the 4th of November at Grace Exhibition Space: Open Source

7:00pm: Beatriz Albuquerque
7:30: Felix Morelo
8:00: Anna Jane McIntyre
8:30: Maria Hupfield
9:00: Stephen Bracco
9:30: Dara Malina
10:00pm: SK Orchestra

While director-curators Jill McDermid and Eric Hokanson occupy downtown Manhattan, PPL invites performance artists and performance-makers to occupy Grace Space. The assembled body, curated from the streets, from craigslist, from arts social networks, and by word-of-mouth as well as from Grace Exhibition Space and PPL’s rosters of well-known artists, will be provided with lights, sound, running water, a formalized public platform, and the context of "performance art" by one of the world's best-known performance art spaces. After the show, artists and attendees may decide go down to Zucotti Park to experiment with what kind of spectrum exists between "art" performance and “political” performance, and to continue exploration of what performance artists can do to break out of a sense of autonomy and truly participate in public culture.


Saturday the 5th of November at Grace Exhibition Space:
Opens at 3:30.
Social Practices Arts Network (SPAN) site: practice documentation
Ongoing: Fill out story cards for Anna Jane McIntyre
4:00-7:00pm: Dimanche Rouge Skype Exhibition and Simultaneous Performance: Alexandre Pombo-Mendes, Carmen R. Cruz with Florent Maton and dancer Karl Paquemar, Daniel Gaudard, Manuela Centrone, ETC (Julien Arnaud + Anthony Carcone + Emmanuel Rébus), Savio Debernardis, Vlasta Delimar. (PRESS RELEASE HERE)

Streamed live from Batofar, 7 port de la gare, 13e, Paris, FR. Exhibition link HERE skype
7:30: Jules Rochielle, SPAN Organizer, skype
Lindsey Drury, Love Letter to A Dance Artist you Don't Know (nor Care to Know)

The private is political, the local is global. Via skype, PPL and Dimanche Rouge join forces to present a simultaneous performance, as well as video, dance, and multi-media work streamed live across the Atlantic from Paris, France to Brooklyn NY, and vice versa. Participants, audiences, and attendees are also invited to fill out hand-drawn storycards for Canadian artist Anna Jane McIntyre, to be performed live via skype one week later, to co-create with Urban Layers, to engage with global practice-documentation project SPAN (Social Practices Arts Network) and create dance work to be performed and filmed by the choreographer/performer.

Friday the 11th of November at Vaudeville Park:
Welcome! drinks, introductions
7:30: Ann Hirsch
8:00: G Douglas Barrett
8:30: Anya Liftig
9:30: Alex Young
10:30: Gretta Louw's Controlling Connectivity skype

Five individual artists working in music composition, performance art, and interactive/internet forms describe, perform, and present projects that maintain artistic authorship and vision while experimenting with modes of participation, demonstration, and intervention. Come ready to partake in the bar, bring an instrument, bring a dry erase marker, bring a powerpoint presentation, bring an anecdote or joke, bring mittens.

Saturday the 12th of November at Grace Exhibition Space:
Social Practices Arts Network (SPAN) site: practice documentation
4:00pm: Open Discussion: documenting, proposing, and theorizing social practiced, engaged processes, and performance art.
5:00: Gelsey Bell
6:00: Christina de Roos and Thomas Bell (Spread Art)
7:30: Aliza Simons (radio transmission)
8:00: Nate Hill (play online game here)
8:30: Angela Washko
9:00: Anna Jane McIntyre
skype performance of Fill It In Yourself story cards
Hector Canonge
10:30pm: Dave Ruder's Why Lie?

Artist-curators, theorist-artists, and inter-disciplinary performers who wear "many hats" and come from many different performance backgrounds come together to share their work. Live participatory performances, talks, open bar, hands-on radio broadcasting from the space, and more!

Sunday the 13th of November at Vaudeville Park:
Open Discussion: Politics of Aesthetics meet Practice
5:00: Carrie Dashow
5:30: Valerie Kuehne
6:00: Alison Fleminger from the Performance Project @ University Settlement
6:30: Douglas Paulson
7:00: Urban Layers Presentation
Closing and Afterparty (9pm: Organizations and artists planning meeting)

How do artists work in a public sphere? How do artists become political agents, and how can create work, cultural organization, and social sculpture operate in socio-politically? What does 'responsibility of form' mean to us now? What are the political concerns of "avant-garde" theories and forms? Diverse artistic practices, from notarization of public statements during Occupy Wallstreet through co-creative urban mapping, through conceptualized musical improvisation are juxtaposed, discussed, experienced, and documented.