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You're a Big Boy Now, or Rauschenberg Ist Todlich

2012 to 2013
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Formed by a tour across the Midwestern USA (see Valerie Kuehne +PPL), YOU’RE A BIG BOY NOW (OR RAUSCHENBERG IST TÖDLICH) was a durational performance with a menu (conceived and hand-drawn by Esther Neff) itemizing actions, interactions, songs, sculptural objects, processes, and food items that could be ordered by visitors. Items included psychoanalysis, dream therapy, natural disaster, Tarrare, eggs, and hamburgers. Songs by Brian McCorkle and Valerie Kuehne. Casting processes in Berlin by Ivy Castellanos. Design, conceptualization, and performance in collaboration and in the moment. Performances were dictated by orders from customers for 12 hours at Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics as part of the Marathon Performance Series and for three days at Gruentaler9 in Berlin during MPA-B 2013. In addition to the diner’s open hours at Gruentaler9, PPL also curated evening performances by Guru Rugu (Adam Overton), Ivy Castellanos (who also performed as part of the diner in Berlin), and Hector Canonge.