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Esther Neff

Esther Neff is the co-Director of PPL, see her website at:


Sunday, January 19th 2014


PPL is transformed into a futuristic spa as part of a durational performance entitled Energy Lab.

Come anytime during the open hours and sign up for Reiki, tarot readings, aura readings, and more. 10-minute to 1-hour sessions, sign-up on the spot

Get cleansed for the new year, focus on your self-development and personal issues at hand.

Energy Lab

Sunday, December 15th 2013

Energy Lab PPL is transformed into a futuristic spa as part of a durational performance entitled Energy Lab.

Come anytime during the open hours and sign up for Reiki, tarot readings, aura readings, and more. 10-minute to 1-hour sessions, sign-up on the spot Get cleansed for the new year, focus on your self-development and personal issues at hand.


Saturday, December 7th 2013


SHAWN CHUA MING REN ("Needing," a durational performance)

THEA LITTLE ("Home Notes," sound/dance/theater)

LAUREL ATWELL (Movement work) MOH GROUT (New poetry)

NIKI SINGLETON (visual art) making remarks, making a mark, marking the space, re-marking, re-making. ((((((((((((((!!!))))))))))))))))

Moh Grout is co-founder/ editor of Nada: The Dada Magazine about Nothing as well as author of the poetry Chapbook Bar Room Seance. He is from Seattle Washington.

Laurel Atwell has been dancing and making dance in New York since 2008. She has performed for a wide variety of artists including Belinda He, Kirstan Clifford, and Patti Bradshaw. Atwell is a student of qi gong with Melanie Maar, poetry with Cynthia Cruz, and hosts a monthly supper club, BIG HOUSE. Her current piece, DOUBLE TAKE, features Atwell and Aya Sato strengthening their ESP abilities while Gordon Landenberger rearranges the space with his custom-made furniture. DOUBLE TAKE is currently being performed throughout the apartments, parks, studios, and backyards of New York.

Thea Little is a choreographer, performer/dancer and self-taught composer. In her performance works, Thea is primarily interested in feminism, gay rights, transcending social class and status, and currently relational aesthetics theories. She reaches for understanding, broadening, generosity, obscurity, individualism, and interaction as well as humor, zaniness, and joy. Her aesthetic is abstract with an anchor - expanding the personal to the universal. She has an MFA in Dance from Hollins University/American Dance Festival and a BA from Columbia University in the General Studies program where she majored in Dance and also focused on Psychology and Music. Dancing with Moving Theater, Neta Pulvermacher, Todd Williams, Jeff Moen, Jeanine Durning, and Karen Harvey Dances among others has given her much fulfillment over the years. Thea has composed mostly on the piano and is working on a CD and book of select compositions from the past 15 years. She also writes music for other instruments and works with manipulating recorded sound on the computer. Her musical dream is to dive into ethnic and contemporary percussion, computers, and electronics. Thea has also started making timbre-based homemade instruments made out of hardware materials and uses them in some of her performances. In addition to writing music for her own dance/movement works, she has composed music for Karen Harvey Dances and Movement of the People Dance Company. Most recently, she has performed this work at Silent Barn and Bronx Artspace.

Shawn Chua is from Singapore where he cultivated a passion for theatre since his secondary school days where he acted, directed and occasionally wrote for plays. While enrolled in the Theatre Studies and Drama programme for his 'A' Levels, he developed a keen interest in the diverse forms of puppetry and was mentored by Tan Beng Tian from the renowned puppet theatre company The Finger Players. For his final project, he devised an immersive and claustrophobic performance, inspired by Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty, in which a one-person audience was viscerally overwhelmed in a tight enclosure as the puppet Artaud was tortured by electroshock treatments. In his undergraduate days, he expanded his interest in theatre to a wider spectrum of narratives and performances through the lens of anthropology. He specialized mainly in the anthropology of ritual, performance and symbols in Japan, and practiced traditional Noh theatre in the Komparu style with Honda Mitsuhiro sensei and Honda Fuyuki sensei while he was based in Tokyo. Shawn spent a year at Hertford College, Oxford University as a visting scholar, honing his interests in the performative body, and the performative analysis of ritual and play in various forms of Japanese religiosity. He has also helped in the organization of the World Music and Dance Festival in Hakodate, and studied how Festival Tokyo (an annual contemporary performing arts festival) became an intersubjective space for negotiating new narratives in the aftermath of the 3.11 catastrophe.

Niki Singleton:

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pay-what-you-can hot toddies and tea

beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery


Saturday, June 1st 2013

Bushwick Open Studios at Panoply Performance Laboratory FORENSICS OF THE FUTURE DAY TWO: SELF AND IMPROVISATION

From 2pm-7pm, there will be installations by resident artists Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle, in addition to the PPL store.

Beginning at 7pm, there will be solo performances by Ryan Ferreira, Daniel Blake, and others TBA, culminating in a new quartet formed by trumpet player Brad Henkel with Sean Ali and Pascal Niggenkemper on Basses and Carlo Costa on Drums. FACEBOOK EVENT HERE

Women with Power Tools

Thursday, April 18th 2013

saxophone and power sander alike are power tools professionally and highly proficiently wielded by women composers, performance artists, and interdisciplinary time-based artists.

Ivy Castellanos Lopi LaRoe Courtney Leigh Novak Erin Rogers

curated by Esther Neff


Saturday, April 6th 2013

PF is a critical platform for performance and social arts practices.

This month, we explore self-diminutivation, a childlike wonder + outright kitsch and camp, advertising, plus everyone's favorite pastime.

Co-curated by Esther Neff and Hiroshi Shafer

Performances by: Hiroshi Shafer Fauyiza Ann Hirsch Matthew Silver


Saturday, March 16th 2013

Erasure of thought-feeling divisions, closing the gap between the abstract and the representational, meaning is in the line and the gesture, form is simultaneously repetitive and singular, simple and complex, performance is linear AND expressive.

Sherry Aliberti and the Cocoon Project

Racquel de Loyola

Birgit Larson

Meghann Snow

ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Sherry Aliberti (USA), is an architect and performance artist based in New York City. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture at Pratt Institute with honors in 2008. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA she grew up as a competitive gymnast and developed a dance and yoga practice upon moving to New York City. The Cocoon Project presents at exhibitions in New York City, most notably Project 59/SET Gallery, House of Yes, the Living Gallery, and alternative spaces like FIGMENT NYC and Art in Odd Places. Exhibitions include photo, video or collage installations to dance and theater performances. Further collaborations have expanded the project nationally and internationally. Documentation of the project has appeared at Mocada Museum and published in Sculpture Magazine, among many blogs and social media. The Cocoon Project creates interactive performance art and colorful temporary installations with the Cocoon.

Performers use gestures, poses and noises to express ideas about form, shape and movement in space and memory. Sound and video artists sculpt the final outcome of the piece. Utilizing sound, projections and fragrances, the experience is different every time. Influenced by Martha Graham and Ernesto Neto a fabric enclosure provides freedom for the performer/muse to become a morphing sculpture. Structurally, these postures represent a scale model of an architecture and materiality based on the forces of the body. This idea is explored further in Aliberti's collages, where Cocoon forms are spliced into cityscapes from her travels. These larger-scale, inhabitable places could be dance studios, museums, a bathhouse or healing center.

Racquel De Loyola (Philippines) is actively engaged in the international network neworldisorder and women artists group Kasibulan. She previously curated Authorized Extremist a live art component of 2008 tutoK-2talk Creative Convergence. In 2007 she was shortlisted to Ateneo Art Awards for her “Subsisting Sustenance” which was presented in 2006 in Toronto Canada for 7a*11d, as Ramon Lerma described, “Framing stillness and motion, the collision of space and intervention in Racquel de Loyola’s subsisting sustenance performance delivers a sensorial spectacle that leaves viewers shocked and awed. Haunting ululation presages the entry of the artist who, caked in talcum and garbed as the multi-breasted Bagobo goddess Mebuyan, weaves her own melodious yowling into a hair-raising bel canto-style duet”. She is now developing her new performative project “Satisfaction” which already presented in Manila, France, and Germany. With a growing reputation in the international cross-disciplinary art circuit she is frequently invited to various art events abroad. She was awarded the prestigious Cultural Center of the Philippines 13 Artists Awards in 2009.

Birgit Larson (USA) is a performance artist, based in New York. Has a BFA from Indiana University. Has exhibited and performed widely. Using humor, fear and science Larson tries to understand and recognize the most basic connections we have with each other.

Meghann J. Snow (USA) was born and raised from Cleveland, OH. She currently lives and works in Washington Heights in New York City. She graduated with her BFA from The University of Akron, Mary Myers School of Art in 2006, and graduated with her MFA from Parsons The New School for Design in 2008. Snow considers herself a multi-discipline artist works in various media's such as dance and painting and video. Her work is about choreographing physical movement while incorporating industrial materials. Her works have been performed and exhibited in Stockholm, Sweden, Paris, France, Antwerp, Belgium, and all over the USA.

#Curated by Esther Neff

WATERBABIES: A Gathering of the Pisces

Wednesday, March 13th 2013

Pisces sun sign is Feb 19-March 20, these artists call the dual fishes their own but their arts are anything but fishy, wear blue and come out for cake and music, dance, and performance art.

Valerie Kuehne Amber Lee Caitlin Marz Esther Neff Michael Newton Elinor Thompson The Illegal Dads The Tiptons Sax Quartet MORE TBA...

Valerie's Birthday Extravaganza: Brooklyn Edition

Sunday, February 24th 2013

Double the Birthday, Grow a third Arm. JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE.

Household Tales - If Edward Hopper and Edward Gorey played a game of Scrabble and it turned into a lost child, they would name it Household Tales. With William Lea and David Redbranch on guitars/vocals, Sean Ali on bass, Tim Shortle on drums.

Theodore Robinson - aka Leland Wulff aka Suspensers, pusher of the finest acid-country tunes heard in an age, plus a damn fine performer to boot.

The Resident Artists of PPL (Brian McCorkle, Esther Neff, B.J. Dini, Simon Seapony, Valerie Kuehne -

Michael Durek - NYC's favorite theremin-toting-festival-organizing-cosmic-collaborator weaving a saucy blend of pulsitile, structured, yet free electronic music making use of synths, theremins, and sampled sounds recorded from Durek’s everyday life

Matt Dallow - outlaw accordionist busker extraordinaire, the heavens will rattle, and you may need another drink for this one.

Raymond Todd - Poetry

MORE TBA Streaming KITTEN VIDEOS all night LONG. donations collected for the show will go towards adopting a resident kitten at PPL!

CRAFTS, THE CRAFT, CRAFTY, CRAFTING: Performance Art Exhibition

Saturday, February 16th 2013


Stitching in time, calculations and curtains, pattern-making and poles, needles, numbers, and know-how, levitations, investigations, castings and causation, the hoop is woven around four women performance artists as they practice durational craft and consider the relationships between hand-making and power, womanity and work, sciences of situation, and other tangled warps and wefts of the performance art. The sun sets and night falls... 4pm-9pm, Saturday, February 16.





+ the No Wave Performance Task Force at 9pm

BIOS/STATEMENTS Sindy Butz is a Visual and Performance Artist. She creates narratives, artifacts/wearables and installations with a centered thematic focus on mankind and human awareness. She explores a broad spectrum of interests such as Moral-/ Philosophy, Perspectivism, Romantic Crafts/Rituals/Traditions and Human Identity. In the process of creating, analytical and scientific Research plays a very important part for her body of work. Mainly during the formation of her Performances she processes her thirst for knowledge through conceptual; empiric but also emotional studies. She shares her philosophic explorations and questioning on a very personal, intimate and mental level. Sindy Butz was born in East Germany, grew up in the suburbs of East Berlin and now lives in New York.

She holds a B.F.A. in Sculpting/AKI- ARTez Netherlands, a M.F.A. in Art Science/ UdK Berlin and was international Scholar at ITP Tisch/ Interactive Telecommunications/ NYU/NYC. She has received the 2010 DAAD Artist- Research Grant on wearable ceramics for the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. There she additionally focused on Fashioning Technology. Sindy has exhibited nationally and internationally including Culturefix Gallery/NY, Grace Exhibition Space/ NY, Microscope Gallery/NY, Dino Eli Gallery/ NY, Lambert Fine Arts Gallery/NY, English Kills Gallery/NY, Museum der Dinge/ Berlin, Yogiga Expression Gallery/ Seoul, South Korea as well as the Korean Experimental Performance Festival KEAF Seoul, Non Grata's Diverse Universe Tours Europe and USA Tours 2005-2013, the Performance Congress Sacramento/ SoToDo/ USA and Fountain Art Fair Miami 2012. Additionally she is Principal Dancer at the Butoh Dance Company, Vangeline Theater New York since 2010. The company has performed at Angel Orensaz Foundation, Triskelion Arts Brooklyn, Bronx Academy of Art and Dance, Dixon Place, CUNY/City University of New York and Asian American Art Alliance just to name a few. +++++

Ivy Castellanos is a danger of a performance. Crumbs and debris often remain from the actions while silence fills the audience during the final moments of a performative work. The constructed objects Ivy creates are blended extensions of self and abstractly resemble the body. The gestures and moves are often unpredictable and the narrative is left for the viewer to define. The small hints of flesh that is seen by the viewer amplifies the strain on the performer that accelerates throughout a work. Ivy can be called a 'violent sculpture' but the content is always an abstraction and any hint of information further complexes a definition or reason for a work. Powerful, lasting, and intense are the elements from Ivy's work that must be seen in person in order to feel the full energy of a performance. ++++

Amber Lee started her career working in the theatre. In addition to majoring in acting, she held technical positions at several professional theatres including Synetic Theatre in DC and The Neofuturists in Chicago. Amber started as a volunteer at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery in February of 2012. She now serves as Director of Artist Hospitality along with her co-director, William Kendall. The co-directors also serve as partners in the developing performance group Dance Tone Q. Amber has done performances in Chicago, Berlin, Paris, and The Netherlands working with several different performance groups including a European tour with Non Grata.In addition to performing, Amber continues to work in theatre, photography, video, and writing. Work in other mediums can be found at sister website An Act of Whimsy andHitRECord. +++

Hilary Sand is an artist, writer, and theorist who lives and works in Brooklyn. Originally from San Diego, she received a B.A. with Honors in Art History, Theory, and Criticism as well as a minor in studio art when she graduated magna cum laude in 2010 from University of California, San Diego. While at UCSD, Ms. Sand concentrated on photographic and architectural theories and histories, and was among seven undergraduates invited to participate in the panel on visual culture at the 2010 Undergraduate Research Conference, where she presented her thesis, entitled “Scenery, Sculpture, Symbol, Subject: the Evolution and Depiction of Architecture in Photography.” She also curated the university-wide exhibition Subject Subject in 2010, which included about a hundred works by more than fifty student artists in a variety of media: drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, new media, an outdoor video garden, and ongoing performances throughout the opening.

Sand relocated to New York to study Arts Politics at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2010, where, under the mentorship of Karen Finley, her work focused on gender and identity construction and she was awarded her M.A. in 2011. Her piece “It’s an Ideology in Here” appears in the limited edition anthology MANIFEST-O, a publication that accompanied the October 2010 inaugural exhibition of the same name at Concrete Utopia, an alternative space in Brooklyn. In New York, Sand's work has been shown at Dixon Place, the Affordable Arts Fair, Concrete Utopia, Grace Exhibition Space, Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics, and on various streets throughout the city. “Wear-ee” will be her first performance with Panoply Performance Lab, and is part of an ongoing investigation into the material properties and social histories of textiles that Sand has been working on for the past five years in both performance and sculptural works. NWPTF is a flexible collective of feminists. Facebook event HERE (curated by Esther Neff)


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