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(images: screenshots from video documentation by Karl Cooney and lab camcorder)

PHASE II: EotW is concerned with holistic totalitarianisms and the generally extractive+coercive use of "analytics" and "choice-determinant" systems, situating and then practicing some critically-related/anti-holistic operations which rupture, puncture, and otherwise make hol-y some deontic subjecthoods, intra-personal realtionships and failures to completely objectify, functionalize, and make mimetic particular (how human?) ways of becoming, materializing, and performing. 

"Embarrassed of the Whole" Phase II uses an Operating Manual and Online Survey to test relationships between conceptual holisms, totalitarianism/colonialism/universalism/digital, corporate (+ otherwise non"somatic") "userships" and temporary, embodied, affection-oriented (dis)(en)(as)(re)semblances and (de)liberations. An online survey is taken by Users, Userships/lines of inquiry generate and rhizomatically discourse throughout and across February 2017 as practical philosophy presenting, performed in collaboration with, as directed by, and operated by PPL and/or the following Users/operators/"real" persons and "artificial intelligences."

Danspace "Food for Thought" User: michaeldipietro

ALL OTHER USERS who took the Use Survey and generated operations @ PPL Feb 1-28, 2018 (video)(images)

USERS (across engagement categories 'Presented As,' 'Participant,' 'Collaborating' and 'Directing'):

Friday, February 3, 8pm: “Christen”
Saturday, February 4, 3pm-6pm: “Nina Isabelle” 8pm: “samuel,” 9:30pm: “Geraldo” 
Sunday, February 5, 8pm: first iteration of “johannagilje”(several times "as occurence")
Monday, February 6, 8pm: “aliftig,” 9pm:“elizabethalamb” 
Tuesday, February 7, 8pm: "diane"
Wednesday, February 8, 8pm: “Sumo”
Friday, February 10, 8pm: “huckjackhexjar”
Saturday, February 11, 6pm-8pm: “LukeJM,” 9pm: “Tsedaye,” 10pm: “jgladstone”
Tuesday, February 14, 4pm-8pm: “lovelovelove,” 9pm: “belel”
Wednesday, February 15, 8pm: “daver,” 9:30pm: “crossoffice”
Thursday, February 16, 8pm: “Jessica”
Friday, February 17, 7pm: “Valera,” 8pm: “Zhen,” 9pm: “Aranzazu,”10pm: “raziaisthenameofmycat”
Saturday, February 18, 4pm-6pm: “ElaineThap,” 8pm: “aevi and me”
Wednesday, February 22, 7pm: “jamieburkart,” 8pm: “BenjaminL/T-S,” 9pm: “Adrift Dismantled”
Thursday, February 23, 8:00pm: “Violistakaren,” 9pm: “IV,” 10pm: “Sierra.Elena”
Friday, February 24, 8pm: “Valerie Kuehne,” 9:30pm: “It’s Me,” 10pm: “2sad4dismrkfrshspnch,” 11pm-exhaustion: “abandonedtires”
Saturday, February 25, 7pm: “ilzost,” 8pm: “imageobject,” 9pm: “cafecafè”
Sunday, February 26, 5pm-unknown: “dahvvv”
Monday, February 27, 8pm: “lolotrashbo,” "gantttt"
February 28, 8pm: “tinyfruit”

*Users who selected option "F" generate likelihoods and may or may not be "performed" in forms recognizable as "performance" at some point or throughout the month: "Rae" “Christine O” “BluMom” “laureljay” “hollowobscenity” “cat” “linzdrury” “MatthewGGannt” “Linda” “me” “ultradella” “pmqwerty” “Cbxtn” "Queena"